ich kann auch rohvegan abnehmen, gesund und fit mit rohkost
ich kann auch rohveganabnehmen, gesund und fit mit rohkost

minimalism and orange-juice-feast

thursday, 19.11.2020 - day 0
tomorrow it starts. my minimalist year. a year in which i will not consume anything that is not absolutely necessary.
that means that i won't buy any new (or used) clothes (the children will), buy new books or decoration articles (fortunately i hardly have any). the children will of course still get well-considered gifts.
instead I will continue to clean out the mess.
every piece has to find its place and can be brought back there again and again. everything that is not needed is donated. i've been mucked out for weeks. carloads of things leave me (but i've been living in this house all my life...) and that feels really good.

so: one year no personal consumption for me.
and also in nutrition i will start tomorrow with an orange juice detox. that means i will only drink orange juice (and water). let's see how long i feel good with it. i don't want to call it fasting, because fasting for me is only with water. but this time it may be orange juice.
this will be a holistic reset and it will do me good.
so that i can finally concentrate on the important things in life again.
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friday, 20.11.2020 - day 1
what was interesting, by the way, was that yesterday i got a little bit of torschus panic before my own decision. i had to take my youngest to a store because he wanted to buy something. there on the shelf i saw beautiful, really cheap baskets that i could use to keep my closet a little better in order. three times i took them out of the shelf and put them back again at the same time. one voice kept saying: tomorrow you can't buy them anymore. buy them quickly now.
in the end i actually bought them.
in the evening, i read a book in bed. in this book, the protagonists were discussing the advantages of handkerchiefs. i quickly looked up amazon's website to see how expensive such things could be and realized that they weren't that expensive after all. i quickly looked at the clock, it was before midnight, and bang, i ordered them.
yes, these are such little moments of happiness that are triggered in us by them. but now the time is up and i'll see if i can't get these moments of happiness in a different way, because only then they will be more lasting. and today i actually had plenty of them. because my middle son had his birthday, his 18th, in the circle of our household, and we had so much fun, it was so nice ... that's lasting. then the memory of it also makes you a little happy.
my first day with the orange juice worked out well. this morning i received my delivery of 20kg of organic oranges. i have a big glass that holds 0.75 l of orange juice. i filled it three times and drank it. i need 6-8 pieces of normal juice oranges for this. i would have to weigh them to see how long i can manage with my 20kg. but i will probably notice that. when the oranges are all gone.
i am very well, i was hungry only shortly before i was allowed to drink again, then rest for hours. but i was also well distracted by the birthday party.

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saturday, 21.11.2020 - day 2
today i got the handkerchiefs and another cap, which i had ordered weeks ago, so i couldn't think too much about whether i missed it or not. but i also had visitors and was outside with the dog for a long time, so that i was well distracted. for further motivation, i will now read the book no shopping! by judith levine.
today i have had 2 orange juices so far and i'm not really hungry. actually, i'm really well. but i'm a little tired, although i've been in bed for a mega long time. i also took an hour of walk today and then worked on my blog here. now i'm going to treat myself to my third orange juice while enjoying a hot bath.
and i am looking forward to tomorrow. a free sunday!
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sunday, 22.11.2020 - day 3
i love sundays when you don't have any annoying obligations. we slept late, then had a late breakfast (orange juice for me, of course) and i was outside with the dog for a while. then i played a little with my youngest one and i could even get up to do some work. voluntarily. completely at peace. so it's fun. however, i had the feeling today that facebook only shows me advertisements of things i had seriously considered if i would need it urgently. while reading the comments on the thing, it came to my mind that what i'm doing right now is completely useless, because i won't buy it anyway. so, facebook closed and did something more useful.
this personalized advertising is really tricky. and i fell for it so many times already...
later on, there was a little walk through the rain (actually, i like to walk longer and extensively on sundays, but with this weather i preferred to sit on the couch).

today i sorted out only a few photos from my mobile, which can be liberating. i actually had 27.000 photos on my mobile and cleaned out the july and august 2019. now i have 1200 photos less... that can also be liberating.
today i had a total of three glasses (2.25 l) of freshly squeezed orange juice and 3 glasses (0.3 each) of water.
tomorrow i have to work again, from 07:00 to 17:00. let's see how i am doing with it.
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monday, 23.11.2020 - day 4
i woke up and felt great. also i wasn't hungry again. i have an interesting feeling in my stomach, a great lightness. something is happening in my stomach and intestines. also the normal "fasting coating" on my tongue is much less today. interestingly, the number of days of my period has increased. i started fasting during my period and it is now twice as long as usual. so i am definitely detoxing over it.
i enjoy not having to worry about what i'm going to eat. this mono-nutrition seems to give me more free time, both mentally and physically. i like the mental clarity it gives me when i eat just this one fruit.
my life is simplified!
orange juice seems to be my food at the moment. my husband has other beautiful fruits and there are more at work, but they don't appeal to me at the moment. all the bananas, pineapples, cherimoyas... seem to be so concentrated next to orange juice... and this does not appeal to me at all at the moment.
i notice how my color vision is improving. that's interesting because according to nutritional analysis orange juice contains much less beta-carotene (good for vision) than many other fruits.
my limbs and joints feel very loose and flexible today, as if i have fewer obstacles inside myself.
i have a lot of energy and am very efficient. quite different from water fasting in the beginning. when i have to work, i am bursting with energy, but when it is time to rest, i am actually very tired. during the lunch break, for example, i was able to lie down and sleep. that felt good, and then i was able to continue my vigorous work. by the way, i had so much to do this morning that i didn't manage to drink my freshly squeezed juice in the morning. and that was ok. this evening I had double the portion, so that I got back to my approx. 2 l. I drink an average of 1 l of water in addition. in a moment I will go into the bathtub and then into bed. I think I will sleep very well tonight.
what i read today:
"it takes about 150,000 liters of water to prepare a typical dinner for eight people.
fortunately, raw food is not typical.
my printer broke down somehow and in order to print something out i actually had to go to staples and do it there. that costs money. much more than if i do it at home. so i have to come up with something. a new printer is not exactly what i had hoped for at the beginning of my minimalism phase. i'll first see if it still allows for cleaning or if it can be repaired in some other way. but printing out everything at staples is definitely too expensive. that wasn't the idea.

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tuesday, 24.11.2020 - day 5
 actually i want to fill a garbage bag full of stuff (at the moment with stuff from my cellar) every monday evening and put it at the side of the road. because on tuesdays in the morning the garbage collection comes. and i still have enough stuff that just has to be thrown away, because some things nobody wants anymore. especially not if they have been gathering dust in the cellar for decades. i've been doing that for 3-4 weeks now, especially with the cellar. i could also clear the cellar room completely free, clean it and only put back what really needs to be cleaned. but to be honest, i don't have the time right now. that would be another few days of uninterrupted work. like i did with the children's rooms during the autumn vacations. all the rooms were emptied, painted and one of my sons moved out, one moved into his room and one room is now a guest room. that was an incredible amount of work, but the result is impressive. but to do that with the basement room is really too much for me at the moment. that's why, until the time comes, i'll be using the "once-a-week-a-bag-method". but i completely forgot about that yesterday .and i only noticed it this morning, when the garbage collector was already there. well... next week again
but i woke up and i felt great. i had a lot less coating on my tongue. i have a lot of energy and feel very happy. my days at work are incredibly stressful right now, but i manage it very well. today it was even the case that i didn't manage to make myself an orange juice in the morning. and during my lunch break i had the choice between a little nap or making orange juice and i decided to take a nap. so it happened that i didn't find the opportunity to make the juice until 5:00 pm. i pressed 1.5 l and drank it all at once. i could hear the juice sloshing in my empty stomach. but after that i felt completely satisfied. nothing was missing. there is no more juice today, i feel fulfilled. but i will have a nice bath and then i will go to bed. a nice evening to all of you.
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wednesday, 25.11.2020 - day 6
i broke my laundry basket. how do you do that? it's easy. the ceiling light in my son's room was flickering. and i had to get on the bed to get to the lamp. i got to the lamp. but just barely, so i couldn't turn out the bulb. i put a thick pillow on the bed. but it was so soft that it wasn't enough. then my gaze fell on the laundry basket. i grabbed it, put it upside down on the bed and stood on it. with a loud crash, it collapsed and i with it. luckily only on the bed. now i know why they say that most accidents happen in the household...
well... i have learned several things. firstly: such a laundry basket is not stable enough to hold me. secondly: it is not bad to ask for help sometimes. because my husband could easily reach the bulb and unscrew it. thirdly: i am actually a little restless that i cannot throw away the broken laundry basket immediately. several minutes, if not hours my thoughts circled around this laundry basket. ok, i don't need a new one, at least not this one. i definitely have enough. but now it's lying around here broken. unfortunately it's still quite enough that it doesn't fit in the garbage can. i.e. it's now standing around somewhere getting on my nerves and waiting for the garbage collectors to come on tuesday, and i don't forget to ask the garbage collectors to take it away. well... i didn't have such problems before.
i woke up full of energy and absolutely without hunger. by the way, i was awakened very affectionately - it could only have been a nice day. i slowly got used to having my first juice at lunchtime or in the afternoon. until then, i really don't feel any hunger at all. and in my lunch break, i made my first juice and wasn't as tired as the days before. i went for a walk this morning and early in the evening. i still like drinking only orange juice.
tomorrow is the last day of my first week. and of the 50,- € organic oranges i still have a few. so for tomorrow it is enough in any case and tomorrow comes my new delivery, so that i start with this again on friday. so i get 20 kg of oranges and 50,- € per week while juice fasting. that is very good for my circumstances. sometimes i always got more per week. let's see how i will eat when the orange days are over. but i could imagine that i will pay more attention to the money in the course of the minimalism i am practicing. we will see, i am curious.
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thursday, 26.11.2020 - day 7
i now have an app, with which i have a better overview of my income and my expenses. i had tried to control my expenses with an app several times, but without success so far. but with this one it is really fun. i had to enter all my income and all my fixed costs and then, if i wanted to, the amount i want to save in the month. then the app deducted all fixed costs and the amount i want to save from my income and broke it down to every day of the month. the result was an amount that is now available to me every day. and if i go shopping, or if i order something or my fruit delivery arrives, then i enter it directly there, very simple and he deducts it from the daily amount. for the fruit delivery, for example, i can also tell him to take the amount for the whole week. so he deducts the amount for 7 days and not even on thursday, for example, otherwise the thursdays would always be quite broke. if you get below your daily budget, the amount is shown in warning red. if you don't spend anything on one day, or if you have something left, it is added to the next day. and it feels good when the amount grows and not so good when it decreases. so another good motivation not to spend so much money;-)
i can only recommend the app... but unfortunately i do not get any commission for it...
in the german app-store it's called: daily budget. the logo is a piggy bank with a floating coin above it.
today, one week of juice fasting is over. tomorrow, one week ago, i had started. and my conclusion about the first week: it is completely different from water fasting - totally. i mean, i take in plenty of calories. at 2 l, i am already at 900kcal... and that will probably be an essential difference. i don't have any circulation problems at all (unless i have bathed too long and too hot) and it doesn't take me a while in the morning to get there. i'm there immediately and ready to master the day. the last long water fast i did, i didn't feel better until after 10 minutes! days. and here i had the feeling that i haven't had a bad day at all. conclusion: i really like this way of feeding myself for a while and i will continue it for a while. let's see what else is coming.
i got by with 50,-€ this week, for organic oranges, and have the same amount now for next week. it is a relief (especially in this time) not having to go shopping for myself.
i wake up without being hungry and then get through the afternoon without any problems or difficulties. today i had two half-hour walks and this morning i had an hour of gardening. there are still some leaves that need to be swept up. besides that i have a full-time job that is physically quite exhausting. and i can really manage all of this without any problems. in addition, i'm always in a good mood (also a performance during this time) and i feel really good. and that's good, because i have some problems with my work. i lost 3 kilos and i had bowel movements almost every day.
so i will continue and tell you more. thanks for reading and have a nice evening.
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friday, 27.11.2020 - day 8
today i had a wonderful, surprising, interesting afternoon. but from the beginning. first i woke up well. without hunger, full of energy... my usual condition straight;-)

then i kept my kids company at breakfast and was about 1/2 hour gassi. then i had to tidy up for two hours and clean and twirl around, in our offices. there we had a viewing appointment at noon. so far so good. after the appointment i made my first orange juice today, 1,5 l, and wanted to rest. but surprisingly i got a phone call. we have a "living advent calendar" in our town. this means that 24 stores have got together and brought out a flyer. you can buy this flyer for only 10,-€ (which will be donated) and with that you can visit all these stores and get a little bag with a little something in it. there is a number on the bag and after you have visited all the stores, you will have 24 small advent calendar wickets with a little something from the store. that could be a cookie, a little tea, a nice saying or a self-made button to put on it. i've done this with my kids a few times before and there was always something nice to be happy about. this year i was unfortunately too late. the flyer is limited to 300 pieces and i only remembered the calendar yesterday, when the time to buy the flyer was long gone.

you can only collect the gifts tomorrow at the most. and then i got a call from my bakannnten. she is a goldsmith and has a store in the part of town where the whole thing takes place. i told her that i hadn't thought of it in time this year. she called to tell me that miraculously, in one of the stores a flyer appeared, and that i could pick it up from her. what a joy. i quickly drank the orange juice and then set off. first to her. get the flyer, pay the 10,-€ and also the first bag. the 10,-€ i find justified in this case. because first of all this is not a purchase for me alone, but for all of us every day a small joy and i get to know the stores, see what they sell there and then i know where i can buy alternatively to the big internet store, so that the small stores remain for us and not all of them fall victim to the internet. then i visited all other 23 stores. all today, all one after the other, for which some have taken several days. because they are sometimes quite far apart. I walked 14 km today. and I felt really good. ok, so in the end I already noticed that I am getting a little tired and hungry (hungry for the first time, by the way), but that would have been the case with a normal diet.

the interesting thing about the stores was that i was able to look at them from a certain distance. i still found them beautiful and the stores are usually very nicely decorated, but i don't feel the urge to own them all anymore. just looking at them fills me up. and to say: i already have, look at that, i could have bought it here.
at home i set up the advent calendar nicely in the living room on the windowsill and decorated it a little bit minimally, with a few lights and i'm happy i had such a nice afternoon. now there's another 1.5 l orange juice and a relaxing bath and then i fall into bed, pretty exhausted. good night.
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saturday, 28.11.2020 - day 9
i slept very well. and we also slept in for a long time. i love to stay in bed on saturday mornings for a long time. it doesn't take that long again either, but in the meantime my kids are pretty much grown up, so it's ok. then came my usual half hour with the dog outside and a delicious orange juice. yes, it still tastes great. in the early afternoon i played a little with my youngest and his friend, then cleaned up and cleaned up, and then we went outside for another two hours. until then everything was fine. then somehow i wasn't feeling so good anymore. the smells at the chip shops triggered me and i was annoyed by everything. i couldn't explain it to myself either. many factors probably play a role there. also e.g. that i urgently need to write a concept for my work, but i haven't started yet, because everything else is more important or there is always something in between. but i also had a little stomach ache, which must have played an important role in my mood. since my stomach felt totally full and tense, i helped it a little. the enema also did a lot of good. the things that came out of it are really incredible. and he felt better afterwards. me too a little bit. it's just not all at the push of a button and from now on at once. i don't know yet if i'm going to drink another orange juice today, but in any case the tub and the bed is very tempting.
today, i bought a christmas present for a friend and one of my children. at the moment, i'm almost a little reluctant to spend money, but a little, for others, i do have to. after all, it makes sense to give a present to the extent that my friend gets a book that he will be 100% happy about and my son gets something that he wished for. in this respect, it makes sense. i won't overdo it this year with presents and see that the person i give a present to is really happy and needs it.
but now i'm looking forward to tuesday, when i can open my first wicket, from the gifts i collected yesterday and our neighborhood.
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sunday, 29.11.2020 - day 10
my goodness, already day 10 today. doesn't feel like it at all. water fasting was definitely more exhausting. today and yesterday we only had 1.5 l juice each, but it was the weekend and that's not as exhausting as a work week. today i ran a total of 8 km and i feel great again. overcame my mood swings. what i noticed, by the way, but already yesterday, is that my skin has become incredibly soft. but really incredible. when i took a shower yesterday morning, i could hardly believe it. it is extremely soft everywhere. well, it can go on like this;-)
by the way, the fact that we have corona at the moment helps a lot when we can't and don't want to go shopping. today we went to the "christmas market" in düsseldorf. and the only thing there are 8 - 10 food stalls, with stuff that i wouldn't eat anyway. and all the other stalls with the nice knick-knacks and decoration things and the like, which make your heart beat faster, are not there. i feel very sorry for the dealers, but it helps me to think about what i really need and what i don't need.
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monday, 30.11.2020 - day 11
i'm fine. i feel light and relaxed. and not hungry. at lunchtime, i just have one juice, but 1.5 l, and then i feel good. before, as well as after, as during. it's nice to have the thought of other food out of my head. and even if my husband makes himself something to eat, it doesn't irritate me. at the moment, orange juice is just right for me. another amazing thing: today i was outside with my youngest 10km run, and that at -2 to -4 degrees and i didn't freeze. ok, i was dressed accordingly, but i didn't freeze. and anyway, i've only frozen once before, that was when i had this mood sway. otherwise, i have really good blood circulation right now. while running outside, i even got so warm that i took off my gloves. so, so far, everything is good.
i'm spending way too much money for my feelings. not for me, but for christmas presents. it's not that much, but it seems like it. for next year i'll have to see how i can reduce this even more. for example, i have elaborate homemade advent calendars for four people. that's definitely too much. next year there will be a maximum of one for my youngest.
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wednesday, 02.12.2020 - day 13
yesterday i really couldn't write a contribution. i had to work long hours and afterwards i had to babysit. during that time i got a bad cold, aching limbs, headaches and earaches. as soon as i was home, i just went to the bathtub and immediately went to bed. i slept well and dreamed a lot.
and this morning everything was fine again. what my body has thrown out again... already interesting.
not much is happening today. a lot of work before christmas and after work preparations for writing during work and conception. this will determine my life until the middle of next week.
but what i wanted to tell you... my hand mixer broke down. and i always used to make mashed potatoes for the kids. but i didn't buy a new one. i borrowed one from a colleague, sometimes from the neighbors.
then there was a post on facebook in one of the groups, which said that you should write in the post what you would like to have for christmas and maybe someone else has it about and could only send it there against postage. someone wrote that he would like a kettle. and because i didn't need mine anymore, i offered to send him mine against postage only. the person was very happy and said that he didn't live so far away and would rather pick it up. i made someone happy.
and then i wrote in that i'd like to have a hand mixer, and someone actually got back to me. unbelievable. the nice lady said she had another one in the cellar, because at the time she moved in with her boyfriend, there was already one in the cellar. and she'd like to send it to me. 4,90€ postage paid and suddenly i had a super working hand mixer. and i didn't have to keep bugging my neighbors. that was a great action. i'm seriously thinking about opening an own group on facebook, maybe regional, for such a barter.
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thursday, 03.12.2020 - day 14

today is already day 14? how fast time passes. and how effortless and easy it is for me with the orange juice. i wouldn't have thought that. so, on we go! today i have a lot to get rid of again in the form of "snuff"... but it's not as bad as it was two days ago. during the day i'm very fit and full of energy. at night i can sleep wonderfully. a juice a day has now settled in on me.


to the minimalism: i have now almost all christmas presents together and i am glad when i can stop spending money again ;-)

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monday, 12/14/2020 - day 25
i haven't written 10 days now? i didn't even notice. however, i had an insanely strong phase of detoxification for 6-7 days. and because i couldn't just lie down in bed for 2 days to give my body time and opportunity to regulate itself, it just dragged on a bit. now just before christmas i also have to work insanely hard and in addition for work in my short free time also from home. however, the detox crisis is over, the much work not yet. but i am now fitter than ever, felt, and incredibly powerful and ready for action. still with only orange juice.this has somehow gone into my flesh and blood. and it still does me good.
however. today, fresh durian arrived. from malaysia, from dear maria edesse. durianfrucht.com, my sweetheart ordered it to surprise me. so i couldn't very well say: oh, thanks, nice of you, but i'll stick to orange juice. no, i decided to share it with him. and what can i say? it's nice to eat something different for a change. and it's so delicious. i've never eaten such a ripe, fresh durian before. heavenly.
however, after i was done with it, and full and completely satisfied, i just thought: oh how nice orange juice is. i don't think i could eat durian exclusively every day. orange juice somehow is...
about minimalism, i have to say: in two days, all stores will close because of another lockdown. and everyone will run into town to get the last presents for christmas... and i don't have to do that at all. i'm done. and it's actually stayed within reason. somehow everyone gets something they need and are still happy about and it's not too much. in that respect i'm actually a bit proud of myself.

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sunday, 03.01.2021 - day 45

the christmas stress and the new year stress is now over and tomorrow the normal life starts again. luckily i am allowed to work, that's how you have to put it at the moment unfortunately. i enjoyed the free time very much. the many being together with my family, sleeping long, being outside, not having to wory about food for me, etc. in short, i had a good time.
unfortunately, i can't write here as well anymore, because my son took his laptop again, which i had always used. now i have an ipad mini with a keyboard here, where the w fell out and the e also flies out every now and then and i have to push it back in. it's a bit annoying, but it works. i'll just use his laptop on days when my husband is home and on the other days either not write or keep trying here with this ipad.
i am surprised and very pleased that so many of you have written to me about when i would continue writing. that's great to hear that you are interested in what i have to say here.
i have now ordered more oranges for january, because it still doesn't feel like fasting (and it's not, after all). i simply consume far too many calories and nutrients through the orange juice. sometimes even more than if i were to eat normally. only i consume them in liquid form and thus relieve my digestive system.
by the way, i didn't have any stress at all on christmas and new year's eve. we made it very nice and cozy.
we slept a lot. sometimes up to 10 hours. and that was really good.
tomorrow we have to get up again at 06:30, and since we don't sleep that early, there won't be any more hours.
my skin, my nails, my hair... everything benefits from my cure. i lose little to nothing, as i said, simply too many nutrients, so that i could continue for a long time. i have cravings from time to time. for example, when i see a picture on facebook, when someone posts his plate with bananas doused with strawberry sauce. but otherwise i'm doing very well. 


i've lost my way a little bit with minimalism. because i had to take care of so many gifts, i also fell into the advertising trap and actually ordered some clothes for myself again. somehow automatically, as a matter of course. but i actually have enough things. i don't really need any more. it must be a psychological thing. but you can't do anything else right now. otherwise i could say i'm treating myself to a sauna or a massage or going to the swimming pool or the cinema with my boys... but i can't do anything else. and maybe, because everyone got something, i wanted to treat myself. i don't know. anyway, it was interesting when i told myself that this had to stop and that i would definitely start a new beginning on 01.01. i had to quickly order something again on 31.12. before i wasn't "allowed" to order anything anymore. but this attitude is nonsense. after all, i'm always allowed to, but i don't want to. it was exactly the same with the final stop of eating cooked food. until the self-imposed start, i still had to stuff everything possible into myself. psychologically, such a greed arose, that's really unbelievable. well, but apparently i can actually do better completely or not at all.
 let's see if i like the things at all when they eventually arrive. one more reason not to order anything and rather look at it in the store, touch it, try it on.
let's see when we will be allowed to do that again.
but for me, this is the end. i will report whether i can go through with it and how i feel about it.



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tuesday, 05.01.2021 - day 46


this morning i had to go to the main station with my son, quite early for me, after 2 weeks of vacation and sleeping in. at 07:30 we started walking. about 2 km there, take care of that and on the way back still in two stores, something for him to buy.

since i got dressed right after getting up, drank only a little water, and had to start immediately, and he really walks very fast, my circulation didn't have the chance to adjust to the unaccustomed movement in the early morning and i actually felt a little unwell. at times i felt really queasy in my stomach and i think i also felt a little sick.

at the train station i had to wait a bit with him, i had the urgent need to sit down somewhere, but since all the benches were closed, i had to go through.

despite all this, i somehow liked the morning movement and especially the clear, cool air.

after we had finished and also bought some food, i felt much better. i didn't mind the way back. somehow i had woken up. we were on foot for a total of 2 hours and on the way back i felt really good again.

at home it was a bit stressful at work, but at noon i was able to make a huge portion of juice and sleep a little. after that the afternoon went like clockwork. 

towards evening i noticed that i was hungrier than usual, so i drank more. then i realized that i had gotten my period today, so maybe i was a bit dizzy this morning and hungrier today. let's see tomorrow how it will be.


together with a friend i created a new facebook group today. (just in german) it's not published yet, we still have to agree on something. it will be a giveaway group. nrw-wide. that means that everyone who has something he doesn't need anymore and wants to give it away can put it in there. and if there's someone who wants to have it, he can get in touch. that way we achieve more sustainability and make people happy. let's see how it will be accepted over time.


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thursday, 07.01.2021 - day 47


yesterday and today i was allowed to get up a little less quickly. i was able to do it comfortably and in peace and already my circulation was much better. also the walk with the dog and my son was without problems. 

shortly before noon and shortly before evening i always get hungry on time, then i have my juice and it's good again.


our new facebook group now exists and it is called: 


Nutz-Bar ➡️ R-regional, N-sustainable, W-reuse - giving away in NRW (in german)


and with it i was now also busy the days. i have also already put something in. a mispurchase from me?♀️ maybe now someone is happy about it.
this group is a great idea.


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saturday, 01/16/2021 - day 50+++


after 50 days of juice fasting, i stopped. i felt it was time and i had to eat again. that was on 11.01.21. the very first thing i had was a honey melon. and it was delicious. sweet and juicy.
since then i eat very carefully. i continue to have orange juice, 750 - 1000 ml at noon and another fruit meal in the afternoon/evening. today i had a little more, i had four bananas in the afternoon, cut into small pieces, mixed with a sauce of dates/strawberries. and soon there will be some peppers, cocktail tomatoes and cucumber. i feel very good with this, i feel good. 
i realize that i should do some exercise, but it's really cold outside and that's a wonderful excuse for not doing anything right now. after all, you could also do some exercise inside...
well, we'll see.


minimalistic is going quite well now, i don't buy myself anything, because i don't need anything. the facebook group is slowly growing and every now and then someone posts something.
one thing i have to admit though, i bought anyway, but i can somehow chalk it up to: urgently needed. a laptop. a used one. because i need it for this blog, for my tax return and for my books. by the way, it's already 10 years old, the laptop, a bit slow, but it works and i did something good. saved resources and recycled them.
speaking of books... i have written a children's book. now i "only" have to paint the pictures for it. that will take some time, because i don't have time for that right now.
but it will be something this year, i am very confident;-)


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