ich kann auch rohvegan abnehmen, gesund und fit mit rohkost
ich kann auch rohveganabnehmen, gesund und fit mit rohkost

125 days of fasting

my experience - what has changed - not only physically, but also mentally and family - how does it go on now

on 10.10.2017 i started to fast. my goal was to fast for 100 days.
at that time i had been eating raw vegan for 2 1/2 years and published photos of my food in the social media. this gave me the chance to meet a woman, melissa keath from joywithrawfood. she has been living raw vegan for over 12 years, feeding her children almost from the beginning and has written many recipe books. it's a great raw vegan family.
in may 2017 in about may she asked if i had children the same age as her children and if we shouldn't do a private exchange. i was thrilled and sent ben to the rohvegan family in australia for 6 weeks. when the summer vacations were over here he came back and brought the son of the family with him.
now it was time for me to prepare food not only for myself but also for him. i was very happy to have someone who could and wanted to join me for dinner. in the beginning it was also great. besides daily smoothies and salads, i also made cakes, tarts, puddings and cookies. i became a great gourmet raw food cook who tried out new recipes with fun and joy. i put them all on instagram and facebook and was happy about the good response.
even before that, i finally started to develop so much self-confidence that i even dared to meet other raw food producers and so i took part in my second raw food potluck on July 23rd. the first one i already had during the easter vacations in spain near malaga. also a very exciting and lasting experience.
in any case, i got to know many nice people at this second potluck with whom i am still friends today and whom i regularly see at potlucks or who I also do something in private.
at some point, when francis, the raw food vendor from australia, had been around for a while, i noticed that i didn't feel so well anymore. and i didn't lose any weight. i had the feeling that i was getting fatter and fatter.
i remembered that at the potlucks i had also met people who only eat fruit and vegetables raw and unprocessed and as a mono meal. for example frank, who had lost weight from 108 kg to 68 kg. that had fascinated me a lot. maybe with a similar diet my well-being would come back and i would be happier again.
but i had to keep on caring for the raw food at home for quite a while. that's why i wanted to fast first and still make cakes and the like. it wouldn't be my first fast and i always had to cook during other fasting phases. i was confident that i would make it.
i read some more books that were important to me, for example my absolute favorite book: heal yourself from markus rothkranz. in it, he describes that one should use the fasting phase as a new start after all. when the body is purified and all the cells that had been built up by pizza and kebabs and the like have been thrown out or emptied again, one should rebuild it with fresh, good food. he propagates water fasting, then juice fasting, then only smoothies as long as one can.

you should fast with juices for as long as your body allows. with every additional day the healing goes deeper. some people feel so great after a one month juice fast that they add a second and third month. many fast for three months and are totally changed. maybe you don't see and feel any change, but deep inside of you, on a basic cellular level, a lot of things are happening. believe me. you can't expect that the garbage of 30 or 40 years, in which you have been cultivating an unhealthy lifestyle, can be disposed of in a few days or weeks. the more time you give your body, the better its fine-tuning. [...]
if we don't eat anything, the body concentrates on cleansing cells and tissues of all toxic waste products that have accumulated there. during a fasting cure, pathogens, tumors, tumors and even parasites die off - they starve to death because they no longer have any nutritional basis. we don't have to worry about us, because our cells have stored enough nutrients for a long time, especially if we drink enough water or freshly squeezed vegetable juices. angela stokes became famous with her 93-day juice fasting cures. the participants got healthy by drinking only vegetable juices. but we don't have to be so radical. depending on how sick you are, i would advise you to fast for a week to a month before switching to drinks pureed in a blender."
this and more inspiring information is in the book. and while reading it i thought i wanted to do the same. i kept on researching and also came across youtubers who did 100 days of juice fasting. i was fascinated.
"what one can do, another can do" - and "you have to be willing to do the things that others will never do, to have things that others will never have. -- these are guiding principles that accompany me in my life and that's why I wanted to approach it the right way.
i decided to fast with water for 40 days, then juice for 40 days and then drink only smoothies as long as possible.
100 days should be it. i started. it was relatively easy for me, because i am familiar with the symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness and nausea, which can occur with extreme water fasting, through the many times i have fasted before. (but never for this long).
during this water fasting period i also visited potlucks again, where i brought raw vegan pizza without having tasted it myself. and get to know all the raw food people further. often i am asked why i do this and similar things, but i am happy to answer all questions. i also got to know the people who don't mix fruit varieties, i.e. frutarians who only eat one kind of fruit at each meal until they are full. from then on, i thought about my future diet. how did i want to shape it in the future? were the many nuts and the whole mixed diet to blame for my discomfort?
in any case (in the meantime i had reached 40 days of water fasting, 40 days of juice fasting and 40 days of smoothie fasting, because it sounds better ;) and i was doing so well) i slowly got a strange feeling of having to keep drinking smoothies. maybe i should try the mono meals? and the people who only drink freshly squeezed juices for 100 days also fascinated me. so i changed my plan again. 40 days of water fasting and 80 days of juice fasting. that's 120 days. i wrote numbers in my calendar every day until i reached 120. but somehow that didn't work out well with the dates i had there and the peace and quiet i would like to have when breaking the fast, so i wrote another five days in, so that i finally reached 125 days. that's four months and two days, and that's good. that felt very harmonious to me. that's how it was decided. breaking the fast on rose monday ;)
 during the 40 days, working and cooking i had to do during that time, the raw revolution was in mülheim. it takes place there once a year, and there you can not only taste and buy raw food and natural products, but you can also attend lectures, meet other raw food producers and exchange ideas. at this fair, i noticed that frank, who had lost so much weight through mono-raw food, always found it more fascinating. from then on, we also chatted sometimes.
i quickly realized that i could fall in love with him and asked myself how it could be if i had a happy relationship. so i turned my life around and realized: i wasn't happy at all. i had become an ornery person. i was running away from home. for over 6 years, i have been going to the gym every day, 6 days a week, as a trainer, so that i wouldn't have to be at home
i quickly realized that i could fall in love with him and asked myself how it could be if i had a happy relationship. so i turned my life around and realized that i wasn't happy at all. i had arranged myself. i was running away from home. for over 6 years, i have been in the gym every day, 6 days a week, as a trainer, so that i don't have to be at home. i am also the chairperson of the school board of trustees and have appointments there that have to be kept constantly. after the training i put my son to bed and then i have just 45 minutes together with my husband to watch a sequence of a series before i fall into bed dead tired. and also some things have happened that have let my love for him die. all this has become clear to me. through the feelings for another man, but also through the long water fasting that somehow drove the fog out of my head and i realized what i want and what not.
and to stephan personally: i know that you have been reading my blog lately. it really wasn't all bad and maybe we could have fixed it, but it was too late. and i didn't want to try. i'm kind of sorry about that. 20 years is a long time. i will always love you and care about you. i think we are on a good way to have a friendly relationship and continue to be great parents. please forgive me!
i drank the first juice on one of these potlucks. and that only in the afternoon at 4 pm, after a three-hour hike. what you are capable of when you have drunk only water for 40 days! by the way, after day 10 water fasting i felt much better and the fasting became easier ;) this juice, it was cucumber celery, simply tasted divine. i also had watermelon juice with me, which i had juiced with peel. but i couldn't drink it, it was much too sweet ;)
so now the next phase of my life began. 85 days of juice fasting left and this at the side of a new man, who not only shares my future nutritional habits with me, but who also shows me how life can still be. we enrich and complement each other and learn from each other. i think, no i know that we will and already have a very fulfilling relationship.
i had good and not so good days. but i always felt pretty fit. i didn't have to cook too much and after francis was back in australia i didn't have to make any raw food dishes. from then on i could concentrate on myself. almost ;)
i already had a few lust, but i was able to overcome them, by water or juice, or by talking to my friend.
by the way, very soon i couldn't see any more vegetable juices. but because i didn't want to stop here, i switched to other juices. in the last month i only had the following juices: cucumber, celery-cucumber, orange, orange-mango, pomegranate, coconut water and lots of carrots. it worked. and it worked well. i didn't miss anything. yes, i did! in the last three weeks, i didn't feel like having any more juice. but whenever i could drink coconut water, i felt great and it tasted just great. the desire grew in me to drink only coconut water for a week. i looked where i could get good and cheap coconuts, ordered a lot of them and started.
honestly, that was the best i could think of. it was soo delicious, every time. and it was so easy. just open and drink. no cutting of fruit or carrots, no cleaning of the juicer. a lot of time saving. i drank up to 10 coconuts a day 8)
in the meantime i accompany some people during their fasting and answered their questions and became friends with aleksandra, who asked me one day, if i would like to do a dry fast with her for a few days. at first i didn't want to do it, because i had quit because of extreme thirst. but the more i thought about it and the more i looked on the internet, the more attractive the wish became for me to finish my fasting phase with a dry fasting. so i started last wednesday at 19:00 o'clock until sunday at 23:00 o'clock. that's 4 days. exactly 100 hours. on friday morning i was tempted to stop and drink water. but i waited for a while and then i felt better. on saturday, i was actually a bit tired, but i could sleep for a long time and so it went. on sunday i realized that it was time to stop, but i wanted to finish by 11 pm. 
 i slept late, sat down on the couch, took the photo with my son afterwards, went to bed in the afternoon and actually slept for another two hours. then my children were around me and distracted me, so time went by like in a flash. the first sip of water was indescribable. i also emptied the whole glass in one go. that did me good. the second glass was great, too. after that i drank the water from two coconuts. it was divine. warm, soft and sweet. by now it was already 11:30 pm and i had to make sure that i got into bed to sleep a little more before i had to get up again at 6:00 am the next day.

why do you do dry fasting?
dry fasting is one of the most effective ways to free the body and mind from waste products, diseases and pathogens and probably the most effective form of fasting. dry fasting is also one of the most effective ways to initiate and accelerate healing processes, to cleanse and deacidify the body. dry-chamfered is also one of the most effective ways around healing processes to introduce and accelerate to clean and deacidify the body. dry-chamfered helps even with chronic illnesses and with their healing. with the dry-chamfered one does completely without food and liquid. many do without with dry-chamfered even also the external contact to water. dry-chamfered cleans the blood and harmonizes the hormone mirror. in addition dry-chamfered has a strongly immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect on the organism and differs remarkably strongly in the effect to the usual chamfered with water. for example micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites need water as external source. water nevertheless plays a very important role in dry fasting. because the body cannot exist without water, it goes to its fat reserves and starts to produce water itself through intracellular processes, using hydrogen to produce endogenous "living" water from excess fat and oxygen. all kinds of cells are involved in this process. because almost all waste products in the body are fat-soluble, the body detoxifies very strongly during this time. during this process, "old, sick" cell water is replaced by new. this only happens during dry fasting and not during other forms of fasting with external water supply. during dry fasting all cells are involved in this process, even the cells of the glands and organs, such as the brain, the sexual organs (restoration of fertility) and the eyes (improvement of vision). some bald men even started to grow hair again. because only strong and healthy cells are able to produce water themselves, sick cells die together with all kinds of viruses, bacteria and parasites during this process. only healthy cells survive, renew themselves and become more resistant after fasting. in addition, the body gains up to 100% body fat during dry fasting when fasting with water: 50% fat and 50% muscle tissue. one day of dry fasting is about the same as 3 days of water fasting with regard to autophagy in the cells. autophagy is one of the most important processes in the cells to cleanse and detoxify themselves and to keep themselves healthy and efficient. dry fasting has many more advantages and interesting effects. [...]
source: wiki.yoga-vidya.de

what comes after fasting?
on monday i broke the fast with a cucumber. a very watery food.it tasted insanely good and because i didn't eat anything for so long, even very spicy ;). at first i was stuffed with cardboard. two hours later i had half a liter of carrot juice and that made me very full and satisfied. if i should get hungry again, two gaiamelons are waiting for me. if not, that's fine for the first day. i don't stress myself, but listen to my hunger feeling.
in the future i will start the day with cucumbers from late morning until noon. then i will continue with carrot juice, then delicious ripe fresh fruit. one variety until i am full and if i get hungry again, then a little later another one. in the evening i will have cucumbers again, this time grated, maybe with some tomatoes.
so the plan. if i can keep to it? we will see. i will report it.
my weight.
i started with 70,0 kg. at the beginning the weight went down quickly. but between 55 and 53 it stagnated for a long time. with the dry fasting it went down again and ended after sunday at 50,0 kg. so i lost exactly 20 kg.
and i'm proud that i made it. maybe i've gotten too thin for some people now, but you have to remember that i haven't eaten for a third of a year now and it will inevitably rise again as soon as i start eating solid food again.
how far the weight will rise, or if the dreaded yoyo effect will occur...we will see that too.
i will tell you about that as well;)




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